While Being Home

I do not know about you, but I have officially lost count of what day of this quarantine we are in. Shortly after the stay -at home order was put into place, I found so many things to do to take my kids and I minds off of things. Now do not get me wrong, I can honestly understand why so many people panicked, but I honestly felt some relief from the everyday hustle and bustle that I had gotten accustomed too.

Things I found to do…

For starters, I finally found time to finish painting my daughters room. This was a project that I stated while being on Thanksgiving break some months ago. I got one wall painted back then but in the midst of raising a 1, 7, and a 11 year old, working, and being in school full time, finding time to finish the job became impossible until Corona showed up.

My daughters room after I painted it. I’m still designing the perfect shared room but hey, at least the dreadful part of painting is complete.

At the end of March, I was told that I would be able to work from home after being out of the office for a week. I extremely excited because between me and you I had prayed that one day I could be a stay at home mom. The kids had just found out that they would be out of school and who better to watch my children other than me? I knew it would be some what if an adjustment for all us and likely temporary. But in such a short time, not only was I mom, but I also became a teacher all while still working from home.

When I was in the office, I worked off of two computer monitors. While at home, I was used to just having my laptop. I literally had a few days after painting one room, to start working on a space that I could make into my office.

My bedroom/office space

My setup had to be where my internet modem was. So I had no other choice but to put a desk space in my master bedroom. I had been thinking of adding an office for years, but due to the stay at home orders, I was able to finally able to find the time to paint my room, add new curtains, and put a desk up. Now that my room has of all of the basics of a home office, I’m more determined than ever to remodeling the room altogether. Because I’m waiting to have all of the things I ordered delivered, you all will have to stay tuned to that project. However, I can share with you a mood board that one of my design friends put together of what it will look like.

Bedroom/office mood board

One of the things that my daughters and I have not done in a while was bake. So while we have been home, we also made time to do just that. We baked a cake using Duncan Hines Perfect Size Vanilla Cake Kit. I just so happened to be in the grocery store and stumbled across the kit in the baking aisle. The box was super small but it contained, the cake mix, the pan to bake the cake in, and even the icing to go with it. The only thing I needed to add was egg, oil, and water. The cake was big enough for four servings.

Kaisyn putting icing on our Perfect Size Cake🥰

We even had time to do dinner and a movie from home.

Dinner was from none other than Chick-Fi la, popcorn Boom Chicka Boom, and you cannot have a movie night without candy and a drink to wash it all down with. 🍿 🎥

Even though I have so many more projects that can be done during this quarantine, prioritizing self-care, and family life has been by far my favorite.

Some other things that can be done at home are:

  • Game night
  • Pamper night
  • Home organize
  • Diy
  • Declutter
  • Start a business
  • Write a blog
  • Read
  • Go after your dreams.

There is no telling how long things will be the way they are. But as long as you are staying safe for yourself and others, make the best use of your time.