Starting a Ministry Blog

Why Start a Faith Based Blog

Faith based blogs have become a new way to connect the word of God to people all over. There have been several times that I have utilized the internet to look up a scripture, a sermon, or overall to find answers to different questions I have concerning the Bible or Jesus. Knowing that strengthening my relationship with God has been such a life changing experience for me, I wanted to create a blog to share my experiences with potential readers to inspire and empower them to be more intentional about having a deeper connection with God.

My own blogging adventure has afforded me bonds with some amazing Christian women from all over. Connecting with them, has enabled us all to share testimonials as to how God has personally changed our lives. The inspiration discussed alone, has help to make our faith in God stronger than I could have ever imagined. With the women that I have come in contact with, I have been able to partner with them numerous times as a way to hold one another accountable, make sure we were giving our time to God, praying, and striving to be more Christ like. Because of blogging I have been able to create content that can be me to shared with women outside of my community and church home.

With that being said, I have created up with 9 steps to help you get your faith based blog started.

  1. Pray- Talk to God. This conversation will be so important. It was during my time with God that I was able to come up with content for my blog.
  2. Find your niche/ define your target audience- A niche is basically the subject or theme of your blog. If creating a faith based blog is your desire, than your niche will likely be about faith or Christianity. Within those two categories, you really want to make sure you are sharing the Love of God. For me, so many subjects are inspired by my faith and such as Christian Single, Parenting, Lifestyle, Self care, you name it. These are all things that I can relate to because they are all topics on who I am as a child of God.
  3. Obey- Even if it is something that you do not want to write about, it was put on your heart for a reason, so write it anyway. God will use you to get through to others.
  4. Select a hosting platform/ site/ domain name. You will notice when you do your research for a hosting platform, many hosting sites will offer free services. However, it is my advice to make an investment into paying for your blog site. When you select the free option there will be certain limitations to what you can do. In my opinion, popular hosting sites for Christian Ministries are Word Press(.com) or Word Press (org.). Word Press even offers applications that can be download onto your mobile device, so that you can blog from anywhere. Once you select the platform, you will be able to choose a name for your site. If it is a name that is already in use, it will give you other suggestions to choose from, or you can start over with something else you thought of or came up with. I would say be certain about the name you want, because you can be charged again to change it.
  5. Have an email address set up for you, and for readers to subscribe to your site. Giving readers a way to contact you, can be another way to create content. If you get several questions pertaining to a particular topic, you may want to create a post to discuss the readers inquiry. When readers give you their emails and subscribe, they will know first hand when any blogs are posted or when you have announcements in general.
  6. Set up Social Network Accounts. Having an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are all free platforms that will keep your readers in the know. You may only write a blog post once or twice a month, but you are active daily on social network. This will allow your readers, to get to know you a little bit more. Social network can also be a great tool to use to bring more traffic to your blog. This is also the time where you can create a Pinterest Business account to get more eyes on your content too. Just like Google or YouTube, people go to Pinterest and use it just like they would any other search engine.
  7. Plan your content. When you are a creator and can kick out content your readers will appreciate it. If you only start off with one to two blogs, and only post them once a month readers maybe hesitant to invest in joining your blog. Keep your post coming and your readers will keep coming back.
  8. Publish your blog/ launch your site. That is pretty self explanatory. Once you have added the topics you want on your site, launch it. This allows people that are in search of something in particular to be able to find your platform.
  9. Share it. After you have written your blog post, you will be given the option to send it to your friends and family members by email or text. You will also be able to share your site on the social networks you created as well.

Once you have completed all 9 steps, you are on your way to creating a Christian Blog that you were called to make and be able to empower and inspire readers that share your same interests.